Silje Moan

In-house work at


Creative Agency

From 2009 to 2017 I was part of the in-house creative agency of Vistaprint. "The agency" is responsible for creating all of the company’s marketing materials. Everything from social media, video and photography, online banners and CRM email to printed catalogues and box inserts. It is a global team is composed of designers, copywriters, localisation experts and production designers.


Main areas of work

Working with a large international design team has allowed me to be take part in interesting projects.

Concept and design

Focusing on the online marketing channels and CRM email marketing I have created hundreds of targeted campaigns under the pressures of short deadlines and large volume. I have had the opportunity to see and be part of the development of the Vistaprint brand into what it is today. Developing successful campaigns in collaboration with marketing specialists making sure to meet both brand requirements and sales goals.

Front-end email development

As a specialist for the CRM email channel I have gotten down and dirty with the front-end code development for HTML email. In the past 5 years, I have been responsible for researching new techniques and optimizing email deliverablility. Notable mentions would be use of dynamic user content, animation, video, interactive emails, quality assurance test tooling. And in 2014 I was leading the creative team effort to develop and roll out responsive HTML templates for the email marketing teams globally.